Transition from Modernist to Postmodernist: A Survey of Ian McEwan’s later Fiction

Seyed Javad Habibi, Sara Soleimani Karbalaei


This enquiry is a survey on the postmodernity that Ian McEwan practices in his later novels. Although a myriad definitions of postmodernism makes this term and its associated epoch to some extend “indefinable,” this study endeavours to freeze and apply one of the exhaustive definitions of postmodernism which is “incredulity towards metanarratives,” a widespread speculation propagated by the postmodernist mapmaker, Jean-Francois Lyotard. Via Lyotard’s definition of postmodern world, this investigation tests the compatibility between it and McEwan’s fiction in order to prove the legitimacy of labelling him as a postmodernist novelist.


speculative metanarrative; metanarrative of emancipation; metafiction;postmodernism

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